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We serve the East Japan region, including Tokyo and six surrounding prefectures. Check our coverage map to see if you can start service with Hinatao Energy.

Electricity & Gas Availability

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We provide energy to customers across various locations in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma prefectures. Enter your postal code below to check availability for your location!
The orange areas on the map below show the service areas where Hinatao Energy is available. See the information below the map for specific areas covered.

Available Prefectures

Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibarki, Tochigi and Gunma

*not available to customers using collectively received electricity

Available Wards, Cities and Towns


Tokyo 23 Wards, Hachioji City, Tachikawa City, Musashino City, Mitaka City, Fuchu City, Akishima City, Chofu City, Machida City, Koganei City, Kodaira City, Hino City, Higashimurayama City, Kokubunji City, Kunitachi City, Komae City, Higashiyamato City, Kiyose City, Higashikurume City, Tama City, Inagi City, Nishi Tokyo City, Musashimurayama City


Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Yokosuka City, Hiratsuka City, Kamakura City, Fujisawa City, Chigasaki City, Zushi City, Sagamihara City, Miura City, Yamato City, Ebina City, Zama City, Ayase City, Hayama Town, Samukawa Town, Oiso Town, Nakai Town, Kaisei Town, Minamiashigara City


Chiba City, Kisarazu City, Yachiyo City, Kimitsu City, Futsu City, Yotsukaido City, Sodegaura City, Yachimata City, Sakura City, Inzai City, Shiroi City, Narita City, Tomisato City, Shisui Town, Shibayama Town, Tako Town, Sakae Town


Saitama City, Kawaguchi City, Tokorozawa City, Ageo City, Soka City, Warabi City, Toda City, Asaka City, Wako City, Niiza City, Kuki City, Yashio City, Misato City, Hasuda City, Ina Town, Shiraoka City, Kumagaya City, Gyoda City, Fukaya City, Konosu City, Hanyu City


Hitachi City, Ryugasaki City, Ushiku City, Tsukuba City, Toride City, Tsukubamirai City, Inashiki City, Tone Town, Ami Town, Miho Village


Utsunomiya City, Moka City, Kaminokawa Town, Haga Town, Takanezawa Town, Mibu Town


Chiyoda Town, Ora Town, Meiwa Town

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