▼ Payment method: Payment is accepted only by credit card.

▼ The Company will provide contract documents to the customer via the Company’s website prior to the conclusion of a contract (including amendments) as stipulated in the Electricity Business Act and Gas Business Act (Statements of Important Matters). Please read and confirm the contents of the contract.

▼ The Company will provide the documents (and other documents to be delivered to the subscriber) after the conclusion (including amendment) of the contract as stipulated in the Electricity Business Act and the Gas Business Act (Contents of Contract). Please read and confirm the contents of these documents on the Dashboard of your online account page.

▼ If you switch your contract from another electricity or gas supplier to Hinatao Energy, the charges may be higher than your current supplier depending on the equipment you use and other conditions. You may also not be able to continue to receive associated services. Moreover, it may be disadvantageous to cancel your current contract (cancellation fees, loss of points, etc.), and you may not be able to reapply for your current rate menu or discount system. Please check the details of your current contract carefully before deciding to switch.

▼ We will use your personal information appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy. We may use the information to inform you of our services and campaigns.

▼ The electricity and gas sold by the Company are supplied by Tokyo Gas.

▼ As of September 1, 2023, the contents of the General Terms and Conditions for Electricity Supply and Demand, and the Electricity Charge Menu Definition Documents will be changed. For details of the changes, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Specified Commercial Transactions Act 

The descriptions in English given in this document have been translated from the descriptions in Japanese given following the English ones and are provided here for reference purposes. The English descriptions shall not be legally binding. Further, the Japanese descriptions shall supersede the English ones. 

Information Provided under Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The information on this page is provided in accordance with requirements outlined in Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales) of Act on Specified Commercial Transactions. 

Name of Service Provider

Hinatao Energy Co.

1-5-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8527 Japan

e-mail address: support@hinatao.co.jp

Tel: 03-6757-0755

Operating hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the Company’s non-business days)

Person in Charge
Toshio Kurumura

Contact Counter
Please click here to access our Contact Counter.


The pricing is informed separately for charge menu (contract type).

Payment Methods

Any of the credit card designated by the Service Provider: VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS、DINERS The payment of charges shall be made by automatic withdrawal from the designated account in accordance with the terms of each credit card company membership. 

Payment Period

The timing of payment for credit cards which the customer registered in advance for the payment.

The billing of the electricity charge or gas charge shall promptly be carried out on or after the day when billing becomes possible at the Service Provider after the electricity measurement day or gas meter reading day, respectively.

The billing shall be made by posting the billed amount on each customer’s “My Account” that is an information providing service at the Service Provider’s website.

Commencement of supply and demand


In the case of switching of electricity contract from another company
– If a smart meter is not installed: the first meter reading day following the date that is eight (8) business days and two (2) calendar days after the date of completion of the predetermined procedures upon submission of the customer’s application to the Company.
– If a smart meter is already installed: the first meter reading day following the date that is one (1) business day plus two (2) calendar days after the date of completion of the predetermined procedures upon submission of the customer’s application to the Company
In the case of relocating (moving in)
– In principle, the day requested by the customer.

– In the case of commencing the use of gas based on a new contract with our Company, the customer’s desired date of commencement of the use of gas shall be, in principle, the scheduled date of commencement of supply.
– In the case of applying for the use of gas by way of switching from another supplier, the scheduled date of commencement of supply shall be, in principle, a day after the first regular meter reading day that comes on or after the date of completion of the predetermined procedures such as establishment of a transportation service contract with the general gas pipeline service provider (Tokyo Gas).

Supply Area

Please learn more about both electricity and gas supply area here.


Please learn more about our cancellation policy, including cancel procedure and cancellation fees here. (Please refer to the Terms of Contract for Electricity Supply and Demand and the Gas Basic Contractual Conditions.) 

Quantity of products or services

 In accordance with the Terms of Contract for Electricity Supply and Demand and the Gas Basic Contractual Conditions etc., in principle, this Contract shall continue until the completion of the cancellation procedures upon notification from the customer or until the cancellation of the Contract by Hinatao Energy in principle.


In the event that any amount of burden charge for the construction work arises in association with the commencement of the supply of electricity and other occasions, the electricity transmission and distribution utility shall quote the expenses and the Service Provider shall bill the amount of such expenses to the customer.

Refunds for any charge of the electricity or gas already used by the customer and any other consideration of the goods and service provided based on the electricity or gas supply and demand contract shall not be applicable

With respect to matter(s) that is not specified above, please learn more Terms of Contract of electricity and Contractual Conditions of gas here.


Returns of the product shall not be applicable due to its characteristics.

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