What can Hinatao do for you?

Tired of dealing with Japan’s complicated, confusing application procedures and payment methods?

Hinatao Energy gives you full English support, from the application process across the lifetime of your service.

Switching providers is free and easy

We handle the switch for you at no cost. It literally could not be easier!

Why switch to Hinatao Energy?

Lower Rate

Family households can typically save 6,500 yen/year on their energy bills by switching to Hinatao’s Basic Plan and will always pay less compared to TEPCO’s Standard Plan S/L.

Full English Support

Our entire sign-up process can be done in English. But it doesn’t end there: we provide full English-language online after-sales support for all our services.

Easy Signup

Not only is signing up for Hinatao Energy a breeze via our simple online form, but if you’re changing from an existing supplier you don’t even need to contact them – we take care of it all for you.

Pay by Credit Card

No more paper bills in the post to pay at the bank or convenience store. Payments are made automatically from your credit card each month—securely and conveniently.

How much can you save with Hinatao Energy?

Hinatao is priced lower than TEPCO Standard S/L Unit Price

Unit Price (1kWh)

TEPCO Standard S/L
Basic Plan
~ 120kWh 19.88 JPY
19.78 JPY
120~300kWh 26.46 JPY
25.29 JPY
300kWh~ 30.57 JPY 27.36 JPY
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Will be cheaper by approximately 800 yen/year
Case (For example):
Usage Contract Current: 30A
2000kWh/ year
Will be cheaper by approximately 3,000 yen/year
Case (For example):
Usage Contract Current: 40A
3600kWh/ year
Will be cheaper by approximately 6,500 yen/year
Case (For example):
Usage Contract Current: 40A
4800kWh/ year

In all cases above:

  • Electricity comparison is based on TEPCO’s Standard S/L and Hinatao Energy Basic Plan – Osumai Basic DENKI.
  • Actual prices and saving may differ based upon annual electricity / gas usage, usage status and other factors.
  • Fees include consumption and renewable energy power generation promotion tax. Calculations based on the fuel cost adjustment amount and the raw material cost adjustment amount (as of July 2022).

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We provide energy to customers across various locations in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, and Gunma prefectures. Enter your postal code below to check availability for your location!

Hinatao Energy is Peace of Mind

We handle everything for you, so sit back and leave it to us!

There are no fees to sign up. You’ll only be charged for usage.

Cancel your service any time easily, at no cost to you.

Ready to make the switch?

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